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If you’ve been looking for a way to relieve stress, improve
your concentration and improve your physical fitness,
I have important news for you...

Discover an Amazing Art Form That Will Completely Transform Your Life!

If you’re ready to kiss your unhealthy body
and unruly mind goodbye, you’ve definitely
come to the right place.

I’ve got the goods on a great way to change your
life for the better - and it’s easier than you think!


         From: The desk of Chris Sieveking

         Dear friend,

  • Got stress?
  • Tired all the time?
  • Having difficulty concentrating?
  • Feeling decidedly less than physically fit?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, boy, am I glad that you’re here.

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           You know, in today’s busy world, it often seems as if we have no time to truly take care of ourselves. We have
           jobs to go to, work to do, children, homes and pets to take care of. It seems like our day-to-day lives are just
           non-stop action, leaving us very little time to relax and recuperate. Many of us don’t even get enough sleep at
           night! The rat-race of our careers and the pressures of keeping up a happy, healthy family can be overwhelming
           at times.

           I should know, since I was once one of those people - continuously running, like a hamster in a wheel, but never
           getting anywhere. My stress levels were through the roof on a regular basis - and if something bad came up?
           Oh man! I would completely lose it.

           The more stressed out I became, the more I could feel its physical effects. I was tired all of the time and I was
           gaining weight. I wasn’t sleeping well at night and I was getting depressed. I couldn’t concentrate at work and I
           didn’t feel like I was completely present when I was home with my family.

             I knew I had to do something. But what?

           I knew there just had to be a way to keep up with all of my responsibilities without losing my mind. I knew there
           just had to be a way to maintain my busy lifestyle - because, really, I still have to go to work and my kids still 
           have to go to soccer practice, right? I can’t just drop everything when I start feeling overwhelmed.

           I began looking for an answer, and I am so excited to tell you that I finally found it!

I Discovered That Tai Chi Was the Answer to
My Problems, and I’m Here to Tell You How
You Can Benefit From This Ancient Art!

           That’s right! Tai Chi changed my life completely.

           A friend of mine introduced me to it by taking me along to a class with her. I have to admit it - I was skeptical
           at first. I mean, I am not exactly Bruce Lee, am I? But five minutes into the class, I was absolutely hooked!
           I knew Tai Chi was right for me. It was the answer I had been looking for - a way to relax my body and spirit,
           while improving my concentration, coordination and posture, and relieving my stress.

           Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is that good and it’s all true!

           I was so knocked out by what I found in Tai Chi - the serenity, the endless energy, the fantastic way my body
           became stronger and leaner - that I had to go one step further...

I Wrote a Book Specifically Designed to Help
Anyone and Everyone Receive the Awesome
Benefits Tai Chi Can Provide

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The Beginners’
Guide to Tai Chi

           I spent months researching material for this book. I read everything I could find and spoke to as many Tai Chi
           practitioners - from novice to expert - as I could. Everything I found seemed to agree with my assessment of
           Tai Chi.

             Tai Chi really is a miracle!

           But during the course of this research, I found that, while excellent information was out there, it was not
           collected into any one spot for easy reference. I had to wade through mountains of information just to get at
           the key elements I needed.

           And if I was having such a hard time getting what I needed, I figured others were, too. I knew that if I could
           compile a book that included all of the necessary, need-to-know information, it would quickly become a priceless
           resource to countless people.

           That’s why I am so pleased to announce the launch of this book - I can’t wait for people to start reading it and
           discovering how they too can completely transform their lives. I have taken all that I have learned and collected
           it, forming one concise, easy to read, and comprehensive eBook. Everything you need to know about Tai Chi
           is right here in these pages.

Are You Ready to Start Getting Rid of That
Stress of Yours? The Beginners’ Guide to
Tai Chi
is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

           Take a look at just SOME of what you’ll find within The Beginner’s Guide to Tai Chi:

The history of Tai Chi
- did you know that this martial art has been practiced for over 600 years? If it’s been around THAT long, you know there has to be something to it!

Tai Chi Basics - everything you need to know to get started practicing Tai Chi right away - and get started
reaping its amazing benefits right away, too

What Chi is - if you miss out on this, you’ll never understand how Tai Chi will help you!

The different styles of Tai Chi - there are many that have evolved over the years and you’ll want to know about them all!

Strategies and concepts you need to know if you decide to start doing Tai Chi at the competitive level - this is just the edge you'll need if you decide to enter competitions!

And Much Much More!

           The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi is packed with the tips, tricks, advice and information you need to start your
           Tai Chi practice off on the right foot.

           But, hey, I know what you’re thinking.

           You’re thinking, “Can Tai Chi REALLY help me? My life is so hectic! I don’t think anything will help!” I understand
           your skepticism, because I was once skeptical, too...but after trying Tai Chi out, I realized that it really does
           make a difference. It did for me, and it can for you, too.

           Take a look at some of the amazing benefits of Tai Chi that you’ll find in The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is often compared to aerobic and Yoga exercises - but has less negative side effects and more benefits!

    You will experience improved flexibility!

    Tai Chi is excellent for weight loss..... 

    ....and once you have got those pounds off - Tai Chi will help you keep them off!


    Tai Chi is associated with improved immune function - kiss those colds and flu goodbye when you begin practising Tai Chi!


    It is also associated with improved heart function - a strong and healthy body needs a strong and
    healthy heart! Get yours with Tai Chi!


    Tai Chi improves digestive function!


    It sharpens concentration - imagine feeling more alert while on the job and at home!


    And much much more!

               But don’t take my word for it! Check out The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi and discover the awesome benefits
               for yourself!

             Click here to start lowering your stress today!

    We don’t like spam either, so we promise to never sell or give away your personal information to anyone. 

              The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi  is over 60 pages of the stuff you need to know to start your Tai Chi
               practice. It was meticulously researched and lovingly written so that you can take advantage of this amazing
               art form - and take control of your health once and for all!

               But don’t take my word for it! Check out The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi  and discover the awesome
               benefits for yourself!

             Click here to start lowering your stress today!

             Take a look at some more of what you’ll find in The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi:

      Why Tai Chi is relaxing - wouldn't it be great to feel relaxed and calm after a workout? With Tai Chi you will!

      Tai Chi is a martial art - learn to defend yourself and get healthy at the same time!

      Tai Chi tones muscles - since it is an aerobic exercise, you'll gain muscle tone and lose fat - just think, you
      could fit into your clothes from college again

      Tai Chi is easy on the joints - if you are in need of a low-impact exercise due to arthritis or other joint
      problems, Tai Chi is for you

      What equipment you will need to get started - it is simpler than you think!

      Tai Chi improves posture - you'll walk taller, look more confident, and boost your self-esteem.

      Tai Chi improves balance - if you've ever thought of yourself as something of a klutz, you can kiss that
      goodbye with Tai Chi

      Tai Chi will teach you to regulate your breathing - you'll feel more relaxed, more in sync. with your body
      and so refreshed

                 But that's not all! You'll also find...

        The basic movements you'll need to know - get a leg up on how to do Tai Chi's graceful fluid movements!

        The basic techniques Tai Chi utilizes - Tai Chi is truly an art form, and you will learn all of the techniques
        necessary to perform it like a pro

        The advanced pushing hands technique -after you've mastered the basics, you'll be ready to move on to
        the next level and you will find everything you need right here

        The advanced weapons training techniques - Tai Chi for self-defence often uses weaponry - find out
        what weapons you will need when you reach this stage

        Qi Gong and Nei Gong - these breathing and meditation exercises go hand-in-hand with Tai Chi.....find out why
        A detailed listing of what equipment you'll need - get started off on the right foot by finding out what
        gear you'll need , whether you are just starting out or ready to move on to master

                   And if that weren't enough, you'll also learn...

          Who can benefit from Tai Chi and why - the answer is more surprising than you think!

          What you need to do to get started - make what could be a complicated process all the more simple by reading this section!

          How often you should practice Tai Chi and for how long - you want to maximize the benefits without overdoing it, and I'll tell you how!

          The best way to find a Tai Chi teacher or class - don't bother approaching a teacher until you've seen
           what I have to say

          How to prepare for your very first Tai Chi class - you won't be nervous about your first experience once you've read this advice!

          What other exercises go best with Tai Chi - don't risk hurting yourself by adding an uncomplementary exercise to your routine!

                     Doesn’t that sound good? A comprehensive guide, designed specifically with you - and others like you - in
                     mind? An eBook that can tell you exactly what you need to know to relieve stress, lose weight, have more 
          and become an all-around healthier person? What an opportunity, right?!

                     You know you don’t want to pass this opportunity by. In fact, you know you can’t afford to, because your busy
                     life is taking its toll on your health.

                     I know you can’t afford to pass this opportunity up, too, which is why I am going to sweeten the deal even
                     further and make it worth your while...

                        SPECIAL PRICE ALERT! This amazing eBook will be sold for $29.97, but to celebrate its launch, I am lowering
                     the price by 10 dollars, making The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi yours for only $19.97!

                     And on top of that...

          When You Purchase The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi, You’ll Also Receive an Incredible Bonus...Free!

                     Your purchase of The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi includes a special bonus report worth $9.97....
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          BONUS: The Tai Chi Resource Report - $9.97 Value - FREE

          The Tai Chi Resource Report is actually three bonuses in one! 

          The first section is devoted to a glossary of Tai Chi terminology and translations.

          The second section is an illustrated guide to the 24 Forms of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Each form is named and accompanied by a photograph of an actual person performing the move, so you can see, in detail, exactly how it’s done.

          The third section of this incredible bonus is a list of websites and other resources that will allow you to learn even more about Tai Chi.

          In fact, the benefits from the Tai Chi Resource Report alone are worth their weight in gold and it’s FREE for you when you choose to get the best guide to learning Tai Chi available today.

          What Are You Waiting For? Download Your Copy Today!

                        Yes! Chris, please send me my copy of your highly acclaimed Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi eBook so that I can
                     begin getting started on my adventure today!  I am ready to lower my stress levels and boost my health! I am
                     ready to take advantage of everything Tai Chi can offer me! I am ready to start living a healthier, fuller, more
                     relaxed life!

                     Listen, I wrote this book for you. I delved into the world of Tai Chi and came back with what I know is the best
                     information out there. I wrote this book so that everyone could experience the fantastic payoffs that practicing
                     Tai Chi can provide - just like I did! And I know that once you read this book, you will agree.

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                     In fact, I am so convinced that this book is a must-have that I am offering a special, 100% money back


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          56-day, rock solid,
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          Get your own copy of "The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi" and take a full 56 days to read everything. If you change
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          “Are You For Real? Did You Say There’s No Risk?
          This Guarantee Is Rock Solid?”

                     That’s what I said - no risk. I know this eBook is a resource that you need, and I am so confident in this that I
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                        Your satisfaction is assured through this no-risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad
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                     If it doesn’t give you the tools you need to start lowering your stress levels, if it doesn’t show you a better
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                        confident you
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                        That’s right - you have absolutely nothing to lose...and a new life to gain!

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                     You will be downloading and reading the ebook and incredible bonus within just a few minutes ... and practicing
                     Tai Chi forms and relaxing a short time after that!


                     Chris Sieveking
                     Author of The Beginners’ Guide to Tai Chi

                        P.S. -- In a few minutes, you can begin learning how to practice Tai Chi. With page after informative page filled
                     with hundreds of tips, ideas, and advice, you’ll have the inside scoop on everything you need to know and do to
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